Capability of customizing conveyor & packing machines


4 Steps To Customize Your Machine

You will get our quick reply to requirements within 2 hours, receive our professional solutions of 3D drawing in 3-5 days, and own your machine within one month.

  • 01 You Send Requirement

  • 02 We Offer Solution

  • 03 We Design Product

  • 04 We Arrange Production

One engineer is creating sketch drawing of an inclined conveyor

Solutions For
All Requirements

Based on the needs of applications in different industries or the specific requirements of customers, we will create a detailed design report, carefully considering the size, structure, functions of the machine as well as your budget.

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Industrial Design

We value your satisfaction as much as your business success, so we may firstly confirm the solution you want. After that, our engineer will create a specific engineering drawing of machine design.

Moreover, we will send a document of 3D graph drawing to deliver you a clearer idea how the machine will look like in reality.

By doing so, you can understand everything quicker and better to get the machine you needed.

Two engineers are discussing 3D graph drwaing
A work is testing the performance of customized machines

Specific Needs Satisfied

If you have a specific need on functions, such as volume capacity of machine, powder material conveying, packing with chain bag styles and more, resort to our professional engineers for help.

Our technical team will help to fulfill your needs in size, structure and functions by employing highy customized solutions.

Quality-Driven Mass Production

  • Laser Cutting
  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Testing

Laser Cutting

The stainless steel plate will be cut into different sizes and shapes through laser cutting machines.

A working is cutting stainless steel plate


The cutting plate will be bended into different shapes to build the structure of a machine.

Steel plate of different sizes are bent in to shapes needed


All pieces of plate will be drilled so as to connect each other stably with screw to form a rugged frame.

A worker is drilling on steel plate


The fixed parts of a machine structure will be welded together seamlessly to guarantee a longer serving life.

A worker is welding the cutting plate


All detachable parts and components will be assembled to the structure to make cleaning easier.

A worker is assembling the frame of a conveyor


After assembly, we will conduct some function tests to guarantee the machines will meet with customers' needs.

One engineer is testing the functions of machines

Customer-Focused After-sale Services

Our service team is ready to help you

Speedy Response Within 24 Hours

We promise that all after-sale problems will be answered within 24 hours.

Quick Troubleshooting Within 3 Days

All problems about our machines will be solved with professional solutions within 3 days.

Free Guidance & Parts

Free parts are available within 1-year warranty and free guides of installation, operation and maintenance are available forever.

Lifetime Technical Support

For all purchases, we promise a lifetime technical support, including troubleshooting and parts replacement.

Uplift Your Business With Our Superior Conveyor

We will support you with high-quality machine at 15% lower wholesale price.

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