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Biscuits Conveyor Solution

Machine aging is a relatively common situation in the food industry, continuous running coupled with overload workload, many machines need to be replaced every few years. As a well-known Nigerian Group Company, NASCO was also in this situation, and Firepoint is proud to have been selected as its supplier and has manufactured 13 sets belt conveyors for it within a month, it solved the problems of customer's immediate needs.

The Challenge

Big companies on the machine materials and food safety requirements are relatively high, Firepoint understand this, so we are in the procurement of stainless steel materials and conveyor belt, are particularly strict, and strive to meet customer requirements.

The Solution

To ensure the safety and durability of machines, we employ 304 stainless steel of high chromium and nickel content with the thickness between 2.0-3.0mm to form the main body. And choose food grade polypropylene belt for biscuits transporting.

The Result

High-quality material selection, strict detail processing, as well as the specified time to provide customers with the required machines, not only to solve the customer's worries, but also reduce the probability of after-sales.

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