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Fastback Horizontal Motion conveyor and Powder containing product solutions

To win the trust of targeted customers and build a good image, PT. GUNANUSA ERAMANDIRI company in Indonesia, a renown player in the food processing industry, want to deliver customer powder containing nuts and crispy almond slices in better condition & shape with less breakage & dregs. Firepoint, as a professional food conveyor designer and manufacturer, provided a perfect solution by designing a new type of fastback motion conveyor within 3 days. Now the company wins more targeted customers with the crispy biscuits handled by our machines.

The Challenge

Attracting numerous cumstomers with yumy crispy snacks with seasoning, almond slices and crushed nuts, Pt Gunanusa Eramandiri company knows that well-shaped cookies with less dregs will help it win more targeted customers. It needs machines to protect the seasoning and filter the crumbs during the conveying process.

The Solution

The commonly used conveyors are used to transport bulked food such as potato chips to eliminate the breakage but they can't filter the crumbs.

To meet customer's specific needs, Firepoint designed a fastback conveyor equipped with two trays. The upper tray is dotted fine holes in line with the size of crumbs to be dropped, and the bottom one is a shorter spare tray to carry the waste to a pre-prepared recycling bin. With the scientific design, our machines meet all the needs concurrently, which helps the company to improve the productivity significantly.

The Result

Designing a new model of fastback motion conveyor with two layers of trays to filter the crumbs while keeping the seasoning powder, Firepiont offers a perfect solution. Now our machines handle 3 tons of material per hour to help the company enlarge competitiveness at local market.

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