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Flavoring Powder Conveying Solution

As a leader company of confectionery manufacturing in Mexico, PISSA corporation choosed Firepoint as one of the conveyor suppliers in a new kind product production project in 2017. To win the trust of their new cooperative parters and build the professional image, PISSA is very strict with every detail of all equipment, including materials choosing, details polishing, safety grade and machine capacity etc. Firepoint, as a professional food conveyor designer and manufacturer, provided a perfect batch screw conveyors for him within 20 days. Now the new production project has run for more than 2 years without any complaint.

The Challenge

As a regular machine, this batch screw conveyors has no technical difficult, and what we only need to do is control the quality and delivery time. As a professional manufacturer with integrity, we always insist on customer satisfaction and take every customer's requirements seriously.

The Solution

The commonly used screw conveyors are made of stainless steel 304, and used to transport bulked powder product like flour,flavoring etc.

To meet customer's specific needs, Firepoint use stainless steel 316 as the machine frame material, and all motors are dust-ignition-proof. This is in line with the safety level of the food industry and at the same time meets the hygiene standards at the time of production.

The Result

These conveyors from Firepiont can handle 20 tons of material per hour to keep the other machines in this line working smoothly.

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