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Pet Foods Conveyor Packaging Solutions

As a 65-year-old pet food provider, Aristopet Pty Ltd has been constantly innovating and delivering better products to its customers. In order to meet the growing market demand, Firepoint provides Aristopet Pty Ltd with this conveyor packaging line, which not only maximizes cost savings, but also contributes to their production capacity.

The Challenge

Attracting more new pet owners, Aristopet Pty Ltd knows that affordable and healthy, nutritious pet food will win them more target customers, and it needs new machines to increase capacity and keep packaging fresh and beautiful.

The Solution

Usually a bucket elevator is used with a packaging machine, in other words, three packaging machines need to use three bucket elevators, which takes up both places and requires more money.

We have designed a multi-discharge outlet bucket elevator, one discharege outlet corresponding to one packaging machine. It can be operated by one person, he can continuously pour the pet foods into the feeder to supply the packaging machine, when one of the machine has problem, the corresponding discharge outlet can be shut alone, without affecting the normal operation of other machines. With the scientific design, our machines meet all the needs concurrently, which helps the company to improve the productivity significantly.

The Result

Designing a new model of multi-discharge outlet bucket elevator while reducing the labour cost, Firepiont offers a perfect solution. Now our machines handle 5 tons of material per hour to help the company enlarge competitiveness at local market.

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