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Seafood Tray Packing Solution

To win the trust of targeted customers and explore the potential market of seafood packing, Guangdong Peninsula Group, a specialist in aquatic products processing industry, want to add a tray packing line specially used for packing seafood. Firepoint, as a professional food conveyor designer and manufacturer, provided a perfect solution by designing a new line within 3 days. Now the company wins more targeted customers with the seafood tray packing line.

The Challenge

Aquatic products are different from other products, because the product itself has a large amount of water, so the machine rust resistance, drainage performance requirements are relatively high, and weighing equipment requires special drainage device. We were very focused on these issues at the beginning of the design, so the machine material selection we use best waterproof performance of 304 stainless steel, conveyor belt using wear-resistant polypropylene, the motor is IP55, and other components are used in 304 stainless steel material. These configurations will result in higher prices than common machines.

The Solution

Facing the production of 100,000 tons of aquatic products per month market, manual processing and packaging obviously can not meet the growing demand, A company is very aware of this, so they introduced pallet packaging line, to solve the problem of batch transport, weighing, feeding, and packaging.

The Result

Designing a new tray packing line specially for seafood packing, Firepiont offers a perfect solution. Now our machines handle 20 tons of seafood per day,like shrimp, to help the company enlarge competitiveness at local market.

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