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Snaps & Buttons Vibration Feeding Solution

To meet the growing market demand , Synergy Manufacturing company, a long history supplier in nylon and polyester coatings industry, want to achieve batch feeding effect and increase capacity for themselves. Firepoint, as a professional food conveyor designer and manufacturer, provided a full container vibratory feeders within 20 days. Now the company wins more targeted customers and captured more market share of coating metal parts.

The Challenge

The vibration feeders ordered by this project is not difficult in itself, but only modifies the height on the basic design and reinforces the wheels to increase its load bearing capacity. The difficulty is that the order is confirmed before Christmas, customers need to use the machines after the festival, and then the time just in time for the Chinese New Year, labor shortage, freight costs rises, time tight.

The Solution

In order to complete the customer's requirements, we mobilized all the workers to centralize assembly, testing, packaging, and finally shipped out successfully at the time when the shipment schedule was most tight .

The Result

Timely arrival of machines saves time for customers to open up new markets. Firepoint focus on what customers concerning, and considers what customers thinking, this help the company enlarge competitiveness at local market.

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