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Vegetables Conveyor Packaging Solutions

To win more potential market of vegetable sprouts and shoots, Farmland Greens company, a leader in western Australia, want to deliver customer bean shoots in better condition & shape with less breakage & break-off. Firepoint, as a professional supplier of food conveyor and packaging machine, provided a perfect solution by designing a new type of inclined conveyor within 7 days. Now the company wins more targeted customers with the vegetable sprouts and shoots handled by our machines.

The Challenge

Attracting numerous cumstomers with yumy salad with seasoning, sauce and vegetable sprouts, Farmland Greens company knows that fresh sprouts and shoots with attractive appearance will help it win more targeted customers. It needs machines to protect sprouts and shoots and spread them apart during the conveying process.

The Solution

The commonly used conveyors are used to transport bulked food such as bean shoots to the combination weigher but they can't spread them apart.

To meet customer's specific needs, Firepoint designed a rotating toothed roller on the inlet hopper of belt conveyor. It constantly spreads the bean sprouts through the teeth,the bean sprouts entering the conveyor belt are fluffed to facilitate the second step of weighing. This scientific design reduces the weight error of the latter weighing and packaging, saving customers unnecessary waste.

The Result

According to the output of 400g / bag * 30 bags / minute * 60 minutes / hour * 8 hours, our packaging system can handle about 6 tons of bean sprouts per day. Firepiont help the company enlarge competitiveness at local market.

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