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  • Doypack Machine
  • Doypack Machine

DB-430 Doypack Machine

Product Features

  • 1. The machine stops running when the safety key interlock switch is pulled out;
  • 2. No bag prompting function;
  • 3. Self-diagnosis function of open the bag failed (The bag can be reused); In that case, the machine will notfill and seal, it will re-take the bag);
  • 4.Positioning (anti-dropping) function of hopper;
  • 5.Warning function of cartridge heater fault;
  • 6.Warning function of cylinder fault;
  • 7.Warning function when air pressure is not up to standard;
  • 8.Easy to operate and easy to replace the bag/The machine is suitable for a variety of bag types;
  • 9.Low maintenance cost/Modular replacement of the parts.
  • 10.Certificate of conformity


Basic Configuration

  • 1.Touch Screen: China Kinco 7 inches color touch screen;
  • 2.Languages: Chinese, English,Spanish,Dutch, Italian,Korean ( At most three language can be choose)
  • 3.PLC: Japan Panasonic;
  • 4.Cylinder: Taiwan Airtac ;
  • 5.Vacuum Generator: China Airbest ;
  • 6.Vacuum Component: Japan SMC;
  • 7.Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Japan SMC;
  • 8.Modular control system for temperature: China YUDIAN;
  • 9.Electrical Component: Schneider / Omron;

Technical Data

Bag materialMultilayer composite premade bags(eg:PET/PE)
Bag type3 side seal bag,Stand-up bag
Upgradable bag typeGusset bag,Zipper bag,Flat bottom bag        (Need additional purchase of functional device)
Size range80mm≦W≦300mm   /     100mm≦L≦430mm
Speed0-15 bags/min
Sealing typeStraight grain,pitch is 1mm(retuculate for optional)
Sealing width10mm( 5–20mm can be customized)
Voltage220V,Single phase,50/60Hz,1.2KW
Air pressure0.65Mpa
Air consumption0.3m3/min(Standard machine, no additional function)
Body Dimension1770*600*1360mm
Packing Dimension1860*710*1650mm


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