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The Firepoint automatic auger filling machine is specially designed for packaging the powder material, working as an economical solution as it serves both weighing and filling.

Its sturdy structure made of 304 stainless steel and horizontally open hopper allow you to conduct toolless replacement of screws to adapt to various applications of different weights.

Boasting user-friendly design and reliable performance supported by servo motor drive screw, PLC touch screen and weighing module control, our high-quality auger fillers are widely used for automatic canning of powder and small particles.


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    Milk Powder

  • p024 s03 img04

    Chili Powder

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    Nutrition powder

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    What is the warranty?

    One-year warranty for all machines
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    What motors do your machine use?

    We use high quality motor from Taiwan
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    What's the capacity of your machine?

    18L/25L/38L are available to customization

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