Conveyors to meet all needs in food industry
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Food Conveyor

Conveyors To Meet All Needs In Food Industry

Having the right food conveyor helps your business reduce costs and maintain high-productivity. At Firepoint, we offer a vast assortment of options available to better ensure the right solution for you.

Here, you are given various choices of reliable and durable machines to bulid productive food processing lines to handle all materials, such as biscuit, candy, vegetable, fruit, beans, salt, powder and more.

  • long lifespan

    Long LIfespan

  • easy to use

    Easy To Use

  • reliable operation

    Reliable Operation

  • safety


  • Bucket Elevator
  • Inclined Conveyor
  • Vibratory Feeder
  • Working Platform
  • Take-away Conveyor
  • Horizontal Fastback Motion Conveyor
  • Rotary Collecting Table
  • Screw Conveyor

Bucket Elevator

The Firepoint bucket elevators are perfectly suited for a varity of free flowing products in the food, cosmetic, agriculture and chemical industry. We adopt food-grade polypropylene (PP) to make the buckets which will keep indeformable for longtime usage, and is applicable for high & low temperatures.

Our Bucket elevator can work with multihead weigher and packaging machine to set up a automatic packaging system, which is supported by our customization service.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Bucket Elevator

  • long lifespan

    · Customized Design

    As there isn't a one-size-fits-all configuration to meet all needs, the Firepoint bucket elevators are highly customizable in size and capacity according to your requirements with the highest quality components.

  • long lifespan

    · Large Capability

    With the superior motor as driven force, our bucket elevators can lift the material to a height of more than 10 meter at a stable speed of 4-12CBM/h.

  • long lifespan

    · Safety

    Combing structure of 304 stainless steel s and buckets of food-grade polypropylene, our bucket elevator are safe for food processing industry, which has been enhanced by the enclosed design.


  • candy


  • fish ball

    Fish ball

  • 瓜子


  • coffee beans

    Coffee bean

  • oat


  • dried fruit

    Dried fruit

Inclined Conveyor

To meet your specific needs, our incline conveyors are highly customizable and tailored in multiple lengths, belt widths, and curve angles, allowing a wide range of applications. You are also given free choices to select the material chain for full product handling potential, such as PP, PU and more.

If you need to save workshop space, our incline conveyors are the best solution you are looking for. Our Incline conveyors can efficiently distribute bulk materials to different areas.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Inclined Conveyor

  • Saving Space

    Our incline conveyor can transport bulk materials at inclines ranging from 18 degrees to 90 degrees, which will reduce the length requirements to reach the desired elevation to save your work space.

  • Flexible Belt Selections

    To meet with various applications in different industries, you are given free choices on the selections of belt material. We have PP,PVC and PU belts for you to balance the quality and cost.

  • Reliable Performance

    Due to this unique, all-in-one design, the Firepoint incline conveyor without transfer points can prevent product degradation and spillage at inclines ranging from 18 degrees to 90 degrees, eliminating loss of material in production.


  • freeze cheese 0

    Freeze cheese

  • Lettuce


  • lollipop


  • Nuts


  • Pasta


  • potato chips

    Potato chips

Vibratory Feeder

Our vibratory feeder is used for temporary storage of bulk materials like dry, free-flow food and non-food products to feed a conveyor or a weigher. Adapting electrical magnet as power, it transfer the material to the packaging system to achieve fully automated running.

It can be designed with fixed feet or mobile wheels for easy moving.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Vibratory Feeder

  • Tailored Troughs

    Our vibratory feeder conveyors are customizable in a variety of trough shapes and the trough can be furnished in polished stainless steel to meet the most demanding requirements, or be furnished with special trough coatings such as neoprene, UHMW, urethane, non-stick polymer for specific needs.

  • Cost Saving

    With an all-in-one design of no moving parts, the Firepoint vibratory feeders will break down less frequently and keep low maintenance, which will save users time and money concurrently.

  • Higher Productivity

    On top of this, our vibratory feeders is perfect for all materials, even sticky materials that would get stuck in a pneumatic conveyor or on a mechanical conveyor. The vibration mode will significantly improve productivity of facilities.


  • buttons


  • Rice


  • plastic granule

    Plastic granule

  • Pasta


  • Nuts


  • freeze cheese 0

    Freeze cheese

Working Platform To Support Weighers

The platform is study and stable to support multihead weighers or linear weighers, can be customized to meet specific needs of sizes and coatings.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Working Platform

  • Saving Space

    Our working platform made of stainless steel will be a sturdy support for your multiheads weigher so as to save your workshop space.

Take-Away Conveyor

Our take-away conveyors are typically equipped for a whole conveying & packaging system, serving for the vertical form fill seal packaging machines to collect and transfer the packs to a packing table at the moment the packs are discharged.

With scientific design, our machine can prevent light products from sliding back to ensure the stability and security of operation.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Take-away Conveyor

  • Non-Slip Design

    With scientific non-slip design, our machine can prevent light products from sliding back to ensure the stability and security of operation.

  • Easy To Use

    Equipped with a simple control panel, the Firepoint take-away conveyor will stop and work with fixed speed that is adjustable, which is much easier to cooperate with the workers working speed.

  • Highly Customizable

    To meet customers' specific needs, we offer highly customizable selections, including discharge height, belt width, belt type, such as food-grade PP, PVC and PU.

Fastback Horizontal Conveyor

The Firepoint fastback horizontal material conveyor provides a clean, gentle product delivery mode that delivers difficult-to-handle products such as potato chips, pastries, and biscuits quickly and reliably, eliminating loss of seasonings, product breakage and adhesions, significantly reducing the material waste.

Our fastback conveyor adopts slow-in and fast-return conveying technology, which is compact in structure and stable in conveying, and is widely used in packaging distribution systems. The fully adoption of 304 stainless steel will not only form a study structure, but also guarantee hygeian applications.

Being easy-to-operate and low-maintenance, our fastback motion conveyor will improve your productivity at affordable cost.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Horizontal Fastback Motion Conveyor

  • Low Noise

    To make our machines more user-friendly, Firepoint adopts an easy-to-install system with reduced levels of vibration to lower noise which is greatly reduced to under 60 db to provide a good working conditions for operators.

  • Reliable Performance

    Our machine could deliver a slow-in and fast-return gentle conveyance of products due to reduced gaps in conveyor connections, minimising the damage to the product.Additionally, the Firepoint fastback motion conveyor can move at an uniform speed unaffected by product weight, so as to prevent chippings and seasonings from falling off the product. By doing so, our machine can reduce the material loss in your production significantly.


  • Almond Flakes

    Almond flakes

  • French chips

    French chips

  • sesame balls

    Sesame balls

  • potato chips

    Potato chips

  • Rice


Collecting Table

Our rotary collecting table is designed to collect the bags from a packing machine or a take-away conveyor.

With the rotation of the pan, all bags will stay on its surface evenly to improve the efficiency of the workers to handle them.  Besides that, it can also prevent the jam of the next step on the production line.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Rotary Collecting Table

  • Time Saving

    With adjustable speed design, our collecting table can save time by enabling operators to have more time packing and less time moving finished product.

  • Low Maintenance

    Be fully made of polished 304 stainless steel, the Firepoint collecting table is sleek and anti-corrosion to guarantee low maintenance.

Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is designed to convey powder and fine granule such as washing powder, milk powder, flour, seasoning, salt and more to feed a packaging system.

The screw has no shaft, which ensures the discharge port will not be blocked for large production. Using food-grade stainless steel to form a fully enclosed structure that contains the powder in reliable way, we maintain the safety of material while also making the machine easy-to-clean.

The Advantages of Using Firepoint Screw Conveyor

  • Easy To Use

    Reversible hopper can be installed or separated from the tube to guarantee easy assembly, and demountable auger and small discharge gate adopted in the end of pipe to ensure easy cleaning.

  • Reliable Performance

    With the fully enclosed structure of 304 stainless steel, our screw conveyors can prevent contamination and leakage of powder material. We adopt axis-free spiral design to ensure that the discharge port is not easily blocked at low speed operation so as to reduce energy consumption and production cost.

  • Productivity

    Two motors are used for feeding and vibrating and controlled separately to improve the productivity of our screw conveyor.


  • Power

    Seasoning powder

  • milk powder 500x500

    Milk powder

  • p025 s05 img03

    Nutrition powder

  • p025 s05 img02


  • p025 s05 img01



  • 01

    What is the warranty?

    15 months warranty after delivery for all machines.
  • 02

    What's the material of machine frame and belt ?

    The frame can be made of SUS304/SUS201/Carbon Steel, and the belt can be food grade polypropylene/PVC/PU,it depends on customer's requirement.
  • 03

    How about the lead time ?

    Usually 3-4 weeks after receiving down payment,it also can be discussed according to different situation.
  • 04

    What's the trade terms ?

    We accept EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR,DDU etc.
  • 05

    What's the payment term ?

    We accept T/T and L/C payment.
  • 06

    How about the packing way?

    We use export standard polywood case to pack so that the customers can save money for fumigating.

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