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Packaging System

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  • Weighing Packaging System
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  • Milk Powder Packaging System
Sea food packing system

Simple Operation, Save Labour Cost

The packaging system is suitable for continuous sea food tray packing, like fresh shrimp, fish,marine products etc. Equipped with automatic transporting, automatic weight counting and automatic feeding,  it is a simple complete assembly line to serve sea food production.


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Main Specification

1.Machine Frame: fully stainless steel 304; Plate surface.
2.10″ touch screen to operate both weighing and bagger machine,
3.multi-language display;
4.Weight range: 10-1000g (vary per products)
5.Weighing Head: 10
6.Weighing hopper capacity: 1.6L
7.Packaging Speed: 15-60 Bags/min;
8.Weighing Accuracy: ±0.2-1.5g
9.Max. Film Width: ≤520mm, laminated film
10.Control System: MCU control system on weigher and PLC on bagger.
11.Bag Length:100-300mm; Bag Width:80-240mm;
12.Suitable for max packaging film width:520mm;
13.Material: laminated film such as OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, MST/PE/PET/PE
14.Power: AC220±V10% 50HZ (60HZ), 4.5KW


  • Low cost with high returns,controllable speed and efficiency.
  • Famous brand PLC control system , large touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Film drawing down system by double servo motor, horizontal sealing controlled by pneumatic
  • It can complete the full packing process includes feeding , measuring , filling , sealing , date printing , gas filling (exhausting) , counting , finished product delivery with different measuring equipment.
DB 430 doy bag packing system

Main Specification

Bag materialMultilayer composite premade bags(eg:PET/PE)
Bag type3-side sealing bag, Stand-up bag
Upgradable bag typeGusset bag,Zipper bag,Flat bottom bag

(Need additional purchase of functional device)

Size range80mm≦W≦300mm                                                100mm≦L≦430mm
Speed0-15 bags/min
Sealing typeStraight grain,pitch is 1mm(retuculate for optional)
Sealing width10mm( 5–20mm can be customized)
Voltage220V,Single phase,50/60Hz,1.2KW
Air pressure0.65Mpa
Air consumption0.3m3/min(Standard machine, no additional function)


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  • coffee beans

    Coffee beans

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    Fish ball

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  • 瓜子


milk powder packaging system

Main Components

1) Bag Dismantle Table; 2) Conveyor; 3) Bag Sterilizing Machine; 4) Conveyor; Inclined Conveyor; 5) Powder Falling Table; 6) Vibrating Screen; 7) Transition Hopper; 8) Vacuum Feeder; 9)Mixer; Platform; Storage hopper; Vacuum Feeder; Screw Conveyor; Metal Detector; Platform; Automatic Unloading Machine; Unscrambling Machine; Conveyor; Can Turning,Degauss & Blowing Machine; Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine; Conveyor; Spoon Casting Machine; Automatic Filling Machine; Conveyor; Can Separator; Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming Machine; Conveyor; Can Cleaning Machine; Conveyor; Laser Marking Machine; Can Turning Machine; Plastic Lid Capping Machine; Encasement Table.


High-Speed, Continuous Operation

The packaging system is suitable for milk powder, protein powder and other nutrient powders to be loaded into the cans. Equipped with vacuum pumping and nitrogen sealing, it is a complete assembly line to serve milk powder production.

Main Features

Applicable products: Milk powder, Albumen powder and other Nutrition powder

Packing weight: 100-1000g

Can size:#300   #307  #401  #50

Can height:60-260mm

Capacity: 7-50 cans/min (the speed refer to how many sets vacuum nitrogen seaming machine used, for example: if 6 sets seamer,the speed can be 42 cans/min)

One seamer capacity: 6-7 cans/min

Packing accuracy: ±1-1.5g

Remainning oxygen:≤ 3%

Power supply: 3 phase 380V  50Hz

Total power: 48.33 kw

Air supply: 1.45 m3 /min, Pressure:6kg/cm2

Nitrogen: Purity>99.99%, Pressure: 0.4 Mpa, 3.5cbm/hour/set, 6 sets need 21 cbm/h.



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    Milk Powder

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    Nutrition powder


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    What is the warranty?

    One-year warranty for all machines
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    What motors do your machine use?

    We use high quality motor from Taiwan
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    What's the capacity of your machine?

    18L/25L/38L are available to customization

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