Strict quality control of conveyor manufacturing at Firepoint


High quality raw material stainless steel in our workshop

Starting From Superior Material

To ensure the safety and durability of machines, we employ 304 stainless steel of high chromium and nickel content with the thickness between 2.0-3.0mm to form the main body.

To deliver machines of reliable performance, Firepoint only adopts components from suppliers of good reputation, such as inverter from Taiwan DELTA and motor from Changwu.

Employing superior material is the precondition of supplying high-quality products to support our customers' business.

Strict Raw Material Tests

We will take 10% samples to conduct raw material inspeaction since we know high-quality 304 stainless steel guarantees our machines are safe for food processing.

Our engineer will conduct the electrolysis test on the surface of stainless steel plate with special reagent and battery for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, we will check the plate surface to ensure its reaction is in line with the standard for 304 stainless steel.

Use electrolyte and battery to test quality of stainless steel

Inspection Of Semi-Finished Product

  • Polishing of stainless steel is under inspection

    Polishing Inspection

    We will check all the polished cutting edges of the plate to make sure all pieces are sleek for next step.

  • A worker inspects the welding of stainless steel frame

    Welding Inspection

    Our workers will inspect the welding carefully to guarantee all borders and corners match perfect and are indeformed.

  • A worker is inspecting the surface treatment of conveyors

    Surface Inspection

    For the whole stainless steel structure, we will inpsect its surface to guarantee less than 3 rags per square meter.

Function Test Of Finished Product

  • Our conveyors' working noise is tested to be under 60 dB

    Noise Test

    We will measure the working noise of machines and debug it to less than 60 decibels.

  • a worker is testing a conveyor's speed and capacity

    Conveying Test

    After assembly, we will check performance of our conveyors to ensure its speed and capacity in line with customers' needs.

  • Packaging test is conducted in our workshop

    Packaging Test

    We will pack some material as customers required to guarantee the finished package will meet their applications.

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